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What do we do?

We as an Administration and Management Conglomerate operate under our IP Brand Names from sectors of industry ranging from Brand Harvesting / Building, Business Consultancy, Ngo/Npo Management, CSR Projects, Fund raising campaigns, Events and Entertainment, Nightlife Management Services, Boutique Spa and Health Care, Industrial Garment Machineries Sales, Supply and Service, Web Designing and Development and related digital services. Also, we have Affiliate Partnership Programs for those Investors looking for safe investment opportunities, endeavoring entrepreneurs, startups, professionals and vice versa.

Our Subsidairy IPs and Services

Affiliate Partnership Program

We at Develop India Organisation (DIO) are happy to announce that we welcome Investors, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Startups for our ‘Affiliate Partnership Program (APP), wherein we provide Investors with safe investment opportunities and endeavoring entrepreneurs, professionals and startups with funds, business expertise, support and all the related program benefits.

 With our Affiliate Partnership Program, we provide you with all expertise and throughout support related to your area of interest. We know your dreams, we understand your struggle, let us together bear it and create a better future. Email us a short brief about your Idea / Business / Investment Plans, Business/Profession/Investment Proof, Valid ID Card and active Contact details. (Complete and detailed Idea / Business / Investment Plans need not be disclosed and shall be disclosed to us, only after signing Non-Disclosure Agreement, to guarantee the confidentiality, security and integrity of the same.)

Email Us the details to contact@developindia.org
Our team shall get in touch with you within 7 Working Days.

Further program details to be shared only on project approval and verification.

Pleasures: Boutique Spa & Health Care


Enjoy the luxury and one of its kind Boutique Spa & Health Care Service, Pleasures adores to leave its client with a mesmerizing experience at their convenience throughout 365 Days and 24 Hours.

Digital Media & Software Solutions

Complete Designing Solutions, Website Development, App / Software Development, Brand Building, Online Marketing, Content Writing, Online SEO, Advertising, Managing Social Media handles, Youtube Channel Content creation, Video Edits, Instagram Profile Building, Social Handle Reach Boost and all kinds of correlated services are offered.

NightScenes . global


Dedicated global Nightlife Business Management Service and domain. Mainly into giving business to nightlife properties, also into promotion and marketing of the same. Ticketing of major entertainment events is also a part of the portal.

Event Management

Both our IP’s Crosswind Festival and NightScenes.global have given us tremendous experience in the field with, various experts from different fields to curate and host many a successful events. Also apart from them we undertook several private events ranging from corporate conferences to traditional ceremonies, leaving clients with blissful memories.

Crosswind Festival


MAn Electronic Dance Music Scenario, habing three editions viz. Breeze, Storm and hurricane as per the scale of the event. It ranges from hosting nights at Clubs to Colleges and Concert venues.

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